Improved full-text search, spring fundraising campaign and unlimited downloads

Mar 14, 2020
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The Covid-2109 pandemic has gripped the world and more and more regions are quarantining: schools, airports, universities, regions, and even whole countries are closing. And if you are currently quarantined at home - make good use of your time with reading books.

March 15 comes soon, and we traditionally run the additional fundraising event. For those who don't know what we are talking about: twice a year (in September and March) we hold an additional fundraising campaign. And if you support us during this period you will get unlimited downloads for 31 days for any donation. Your active support gives strength to our Team and inspires to work. Only thanks to your support, we not only exist but also actively develop. Each donated dollar is not only money for us, but it is also the confidence that you really need our project!

Now we are going to tell what changes have occurred in the Full-text search. What is the Full-text search and how it differs from the usual search? Answers to these questions you will find in our last post. We finally indexed all the articles that we have today. That means 70+ million articles are available in the Full-text search now

Many users have already tested the full-text search on articles and shared their impressions. And according to your numerous wishes, we have implemented two features that will make the search results as relevant to your requests as possible. It is available both for articles and for books. First, we added the ability to filter full-text search results by year, language and file format. Please note that only the filter by year is available for articles.

Also, we made it possible to sort full-text search results: by analogy with the regular search, you can sort by relevance, popularity, year of publication, title and file size.

In addition, we have increased the number of search results on the page. Now the page displays not 50, but 100 results. Plus, the full-text search also includes a search in the title and author fields. You may not have noticed, but we have slightly changed the request form and done the Full-text search in view tab: you can switch between the general search and the full-text search with just one click.

And the last thing, don’t succumb to the global panic, keep calm and read books. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge.

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